Signature Massage in Nampa Idaho


Massage therapy services at Signature Salon & Day Spa in Nampa Idaho.

Services done by independent licensed professionals.

Adriana Rushing  208-921-9827



Michele Atkinson 208-720-4266


Signature Massage has no contracts!

We offer the best price for all of your massage therapy needs!  Therapeutic Massage, Hot Stone, Prenatal,  and Reflexology.

Signature Therapeutic Massages Times and Prices

 Massage Pressure is determined by you, each massage is customized for your bodies needs.


30-minute upper body massage   $40.00

60 minutes $65.00

90 minutes  $90.00

75 minutes    $75.00

2 hour    $120.00


Hot Stone Massage 
Our hot stone massage uses strategically placed stones on the body to help reduce muscle tension. With moderate pressure and the use of hot stones, your therapist will massage and work your entire body.

75 minutes  $75.00

Prenatal Massage
Designed just for the mother to be, your therapist will work the aches and pains out of the areas that are causing the stress of your pregnancy. A side-lying massage that is safe for you and your baby.

60 minute $70.00
Must be at least 14 weeks pregnant.

This treatment targets the zones in the feet, bringing relaxation & opening up the body for natural healing. Hand and arm massage included.

60 minutes  $45.00


Adriana Rushing 208-921-9827

Michele Atkinson 208-720-4266


In 2008 Michele graduated from the Utah College of Massage Therapy at the highest levels in both the Professional and Master Body Work Programs.

She is trained in a wide variety of modalities with special emphasis in Structural Integration and Injury massage. Also offering Cranial Sacral, Hydro Stone, Deep Tissue and Swedish.

With detailed, consistent massage and a protocol focusing on neuromuscular reeducation, continuity of the fascia and soft tissues, she can help you achieve balance, functional ability, and relieve stress.

Maintenance is the Key!

Services done by independent licensed professionals.

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