Manicures and Pedicures

Signature Manicures and Pedicures in Nampa Idaho

Signature Manicures and Pedicures

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Salon  Manicure                                $27.00
A manicure designed to care for your hard working hands.  Attention is given to your hands with a warm hand bath, cuticle care, nail shaping and hydrating hand and fore arm massage. Nail polish application.  45 min.

Signature  Spa Manicure                   $32.00
A special treatment for your tired tired & stress hands.  Relax with an warm aroma therapy hand bath, cuticle care, nail shaping, therapeutic massage for your  hands and forearm massage, warm hydrating paraffin dip & polish application.   60 min.

Solar Spa Manicure                            $29.00
A manicure designed to deeply condition and moisturize your hands and skin with the benefits of Solar Oil.  Intensive therapy for dry, parched hands. An exfoliation of sweet almond and sea salts treatment will gently polish your skin to a radiant glow.  Cuticle care, nail shaping, hand & forearm massage. 45 min.

Salon Pedicure                     $35.00
A relaxing pedicure for your hard working feet.  Relax in our European spa chairs with jetted foot bath with heated & massage. Nail & cuticle care, callus care foot and  lower leg massage. Just what your feet need. Polish application. Nail art available. 45-60 min.

Signature Spa Pedicure                            $45.00
The ultimate pedicure. Relax in our European spa chairs with jetted foot bath with heated & massage. An aroma therapy foot bath with nail & cuticle care, deep callus care, warm moisturizing paraffin dip, foot and lower leg massage and polish application.  60 min.

Retreat For Hands & Feet                     $75.00
A special treatment for your tired & stress hands and feet. Relax with an aroma-therapy manicure & pedicure  with complete nail, cuticle and deep callus care. A therapeutic massage for you hands, forearms, feet and lower legs. Fallowed by a warm moisturize paraffin dip.  Indulge yourself – body, mind & spirit. Allow up to 2 hours for service.

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